As a dedicated resident of Montana's Bitterroot Valley, Laura has helped to put 'Ideas into Action' in many ways and now she wants to hear your ideas. Do you see ways we can create actual jobs that contribute to the overall true wealth of each of us and our state?  Laura wants to you to get creative!  As an Independent candidate for Montana State Senate 43, Laura Garber is the spark to get us all creating the future together - as equal partners in our Montana Community.

Cooperative Business for good

Laura has experienced the power of cooperative business first hand as a founding member in several Ravalli County and state-wide cooperatives.  Laura has also served on the boards of multiple organizations including:  The Montana Poultry Growers Cooperative, Loyal to Local Community and Agriculture Cooperative, A.E.R.O (Alternative Energy Resources Organization), M.O.C.A.C (Montana Organic Commodities Advisory Council), Triple Divide Organic Seeds Cooperative, the Montana Organic Association, Ravalli County Right to Farm and Ranch Board, and the Center for Spiritual Life Bitterroot.  Laura is also a member of the Western Agriculture Research Center Advisory Council, and in that capacity has suggested to Montana State University's School of Agriculture that they include Industrial Hemp in their agricultural research programs across the state..

contributing to the Community 

Laura and her husband Henry lead on-farm experiential learning opportunities for youth and families at their farm, Homestead Organics Farm.  Laura formalized these programs as 'Cultivating Connections', a non-profit under the umbrella of the Bitter Root RC&D.  Together they provide farm-based learning for youth living at the Linda Massey Youth Home, girls in the Y.W.C.A G.U.T.S (Girls Using Their Strength) program, children and families with autism at 'Special Abilities Camp' (in cooperation with Bitterroot Art for Autism), preschool and kindergarten students in the 'Kinder-Gardeners' program, and high school students growing food for the Meals on Wheels program as 'Youth Farm Interns'.

Laura and Henry were pivotal players in building the first publicly available and cooperatively-operated poultry processing facility in Montana.

Industrial hemp & SUSTAINABLE agriculture 

Laura envisions the Bitterroot funding and building the infrastructure to process Industrial Hemp into useful products.  In addition, she thinks Montana farmers should be encouraged, educated, and financially supported in efforts to significantly expand Industrial Hemp and certified organic crop acreage in the 2019 growing season.

Additionally, Laura advocates for open access to unbiased scientific findings related to genetically modified agriculture and it's effects on soil and human health, ultimately leading to a GMO and glyphosate-free Montana!

Listen here for more details on Laura’s agricultural journey and further discussion on industrial hemp.


As a defender of the Montana Constitution, Laura insists on protecting clean water. 

She also suggests we replace some plastics in Montana with cellophane we can produce from the trees we harvest with 'mindful forest management practices', and with the Industrial Hemp we grow and process in Montana.

community well-being

Mental health is an important issue that creates a myriad of issues in society, therefore Laura pushes for significant increases in investments for the health and well-being of all Montanans.

Laura also advocates for cell phone-free public schools, allowing students to find their creativity in the freedom from social media

  • Laura believes the welfare of the whole is the most important guiding idea and that long term sustainability is Always more important than short term financial gain.

  • Laura wants to remind us that corporations are not people and therefore should not have the right to negatively impact the individual citizens or environment of this state through their actions or activities.

As Your Voice for the Emerging Future, Laura will promote ideas that help to create a world that works for everyone!